Where to eat in Buenos Aires

Like any good cosmopolitan city, Buenos Aires offers, in addition to its native food (meat, steak, barbecue, etc.) renown for its excellence, international food (ethic cuisine) of very diverse origin -57 varieties, among which one finds Spanish, Italian, French, Mexican, Japanese, Arab, Turkish, Chinese, Armenian, and Nordic, among others.

The places designated to this end are consequently numerous- 1, 800 eating spots. Inscribed in this category are the most sophisticated restaurants, the premises of international fast food chains and the bars with frugal meals.

The cost of a meal varies between 12 and 500 pesos.

The distribution of places to eat is nonspecific, however there are zones that are marked by their natural concentration of gastronomic customers (the tourist among them). These include the neighborhoods of Puerto Madero, Las Canitas, and Palermo Viejo, among others).

As a consequence of the profusion of regular customers, who work in the same area on a daily basis, nearby restaurants offer “Executive menus, ” at a more economical price. This is especially common in areas such as Microcentro and on Florida Street.

One aspect of the dinning experience that especially stands out is the high quality of wines in the country, in particular those coming from the Mendoza province, which is also a producer of sparkling white wine of identical eminence.

Nightly food services extend from 9 PM through dawn.

Estimate Prices in pesos:

Pizza (8 slices): from $10 to $50
Spaghetti: from $15 to $40
Grilled meat for two: starting at $30
Empanadas: starting at $2 (for piece)
Ice cream: Individual cups starting at $6; 1 kilogram: between $30 and $40
Buffet: starting at $15 per person
Breakfast at a café: starting at $7




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