Buenos Aires Night

Not for nothing has popular poetry termed Buenos Aires as “the city that never sleeps” or “the city of open eyes”.

Buenos Aires’ activity throbs without stop; a consequence of its restless and fire-starting spirit and the exuberance of everything it offers.

The porteño night shines in every one of its activities. Everything is laid on in this city to sustain the wakefulness, everything acts as an excuse to stay awake a little longer.

People of different ages come to this nocturnal Buenos Aires. The city is adapted to take each of these generational interests into account. Classic or innovative restaurants, traditional or famous bars, pubs with young music, bookshops open until late at night, peñas (folk music shows) and nightclubs, theater and cinema, cafés, concerts and karaoke give the nocturnal explorer the possibility of free choice, and also, of natural selection.

People arrive with their schedule empty, and from Monday to Monday everything operates without interruption just like on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, though of course it is even more so on these days when the number of people everywhere increases and the range of alternatives is much wider.

The porteño night begins for its participants from 10pm or even a little bit before, giving space to dinner and social meetings in the bars and nightspots. Places targeted at younger consumers delay their opening for an hour at least in the natural meeting places (pubs, karaoke). All kinds of shows begin between 10-11pm and some go on until late. Clubs open from 1am but the number of people starts to explode around 2:30am with closing time at around 6am.

Beyond the recognized thrills of the city by the light of day, the porteño night seduces you to the point at which is impossible to turn back.

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